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Map out your Notion doc hierarchy. Notion makes sure you never miss a connection flight or get lost on your way to the hotel. The Notion Portfolio Component Kit was built specifically for the inner creative in-mind. Why take notes on a piece of paper that you could later lose? Meeting Notes template helps you keep everything in one place – you don’t have to open a million tabs and windows to keep track of your projects. Freelancer to Paidlancer. Do you feel the same way when writing your portfolio? Notion TemplatesNotion is a free and flexible way to build your portfolio. This presentation won’t only impress your audience, but it will also impress you with how fast and easy it is to edit this presentation. This template represents a simple, compact to-do list with your daily tasks. It’s great for planning articles, e-books, podcasts, designs, etc. Here are five great professional templates to help you become more productive at work. Here are some ideas. In each section, type a “/” to add these block components for different content formats: On the right side of the horizontal section in Step 3, I created a table of content as quick navigation for these portfolio sections: Let’s build out each of the portfolio sections. My portfolio has been living on Notion for the past few months. Notion Hack #5: Design Portfolio. It’s a temporary space for my work before I move it to this website, but it gets the job done! Try these portfolio examples from Flipsnack now! Using a proven case study format to showcase your talent, your story and your worth. Discover new, productive Notion templates from pros. To access more templates, look for them in the menu on the left side of your screen. Export to PDF or collaborate directly inside Notion. Join over 260,000 subscribers! Last year, I created a Notion portfolio tracker to track all my work, so that I can easily share resources with others. The main idea is to turn Notion into your planner, workspace, and to-do list – everything you need to finish your daily tasks successfully. For example, create a “draft” Notion page and use that page to write drafts. Get clients, get hired, get paid and run … It's the all-in-one workspace for you and your team $78 Buy now Get the free template. and divide them into To Do, Doing and Done sections to track your progress. Add a relevant icon and cover page and you are good to go. The way I design and organize all the portfolio content is to split up a 2-column, left-to-right layout: Continue from Step 5, we’re going to create a list of content right next to the section title. You can also filter them by the position they’re applying, which can save time and help you move through the recruiting process faster. Required fields are marked *. Adjust the section size. You don’t necessarily need to use Notion planner for business. Go to Notion and sign up for a free account, then: I created a Bio section to include a profile photo and a quick intro about what I work on and what I do. Find Goals template under Personal and create a vision board where you’ll be able to add new goals whenever you set one. In the “Launched” section, I wanted to record all the projects I’ve built. Having Notion is like having an external brain. Notion Product Design Portfolio Template Pack. It is easy to keep updated and we have some great templates for you to get started with.4 Week Email CourseWe break down the entire portfolio process into 4 weeks with expert advice. Available in … Disclaimer: Some pages on this site may include an affiliate link. Rainbow Connection: Why Is Everybody’s Home Organised By Colour? You can use the filter to view only the category you’re then interested in, or install Notion Web Clipper to save all the links directly to this template. : Section title & description (on the left), Display of portfolio content list (on the right), Add a Divider to separate this section from Bio & profile, Add a title text “Launched” using Heading 1 (it will show up in Table of Content), Drag and move this Gallery right next to the “Launched” section, Toggle on for: “Name” “Description” “Link”, Copy link (use this link to share your portfolio with others). Document your life because it can be a great source of inspiration for your business as well. Portfolio is composed of 25 unique slides that were perfectly designed to make your information stand out. I built a portfolio page with Notion, but find the hardest task to decide which sessions to include in the portfolio. You can enter all due dates, task names and topics, and sort them by type. Access my Portfolio Tracker v2.0 template 8. Using different colors will make your board look more creative, and setting a due date will stop any procrastination. To do this, divide the empty doc into 3 horizontal sections. Setting up and maintaining a design portfolio takes way too long!Don't want to deal with the technical overhead of setting up an entire website for your portfolio and case studies? Flipsnack gives you the opportunity to fully customize the entire online portfolio. I’m not sure if you’re a real tech person if you don’t like dark mode? Over the next few weeks, I'll look over writer's portfolio sites and come up with templates you could use for your own sites. There are some great templates to help you keep track of your lifestyle activities and habits. Public template available here. ; View more templates available to clone. 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