A Handy Guide to Poker Free Rolls


We are assuming that you know what online poker is and you know how to play it. So then you may ask, what do you mean by poker free roll? We’ll tell you.

So, what is online poker free roll?

Poker free roll is a new way of play poker online, where you don’t have to pay any sort of registration fees to play. So in short – you get to play online absolutely for free!

Online poker India freerolls are usually given out as loyalty gifts to people who frequent that specific site. These special free rolls have higher prize amounts and a lesser number of participants, thereby increasing your chance of winning.

Some players think that poker free rolls are a waste of time and are not worth it. Actually, poker free rolls are a great way to kick start your poker bankroll and it’s really easy to build up to a decent amount if you know how to play intelligently.

Strategy for Poker Free Roll

In any normal online poker real money game, your aim is basically to stay till the end of the game and try to be one of the last participants at the table, with enough chips to take you to the win. The exact same strategy applies to poker free roll . You need to develop a strategy that makes sure that you maintain the separation (that is, not actively engage in every single round – which is actually not beneficial) yet maintains a moderately high chip count so that you can in the right situation swoop in for the win. The strategy you adopt has to make sure that you end up in the top 5 positions no matter what tournament it is that you’re in – that’s the only way you’ll hit payday.

Another mainstay of your strategy has to ensure that you survive the first hour of the poker free roll.

In the opening hour of play poker, the standard of playing is literally at its worst level. That’s because the table is full to the brim with participants who know that they can take a risk by calling in all their poker chips at any instant because they are very aware that they aren’t losing anything at all. So keep your play tight and limited, without indulging in hands that you aren’t certain of winning. After about 40 minutes, most of the bad player will have been eliminated, so this is where your middle game strategy should kick in.

During the middle stage, you need to become very composed and play safe. This is the perfect time to fold quite a few hands and watch the others fight it out. However, you should still be taking in the occasional pots to maintain your chip count.

The final stage of Poker Free Roll :

You’ve made it here, now all you need is a little more hard work so that it all pays off! Play cautiously until there are 5 players or so at the table. Then you need to raise your poker game instantly and play as aggressively as possible. Involving yourself in most hands is the only way you stand a fair chance of hitting the jackpot. Or else, if you prefer second, you can lay low and wait for the other 2 players to fight it out.

And that’s it! The handy guide for best online poker free rolls, that can, if followed properly, ensure you success in your poker free roll endeavours.

Happy poker freerolling!