Best baccarat strategy to win


Live baccarat is often perceived as a complicated game, and this makes many gamblers to think that is usually reserved for high roller casino players. This is not the case as you can play live baccarat with a smaller bankroll anytime at any online casino. Before going into the essential details of the best baccarat strategy to help you win, ensure you understand that there is only 50-50 chance of winning. With these strategies, your chances of winning can be boosted significantly.

Bet On the Banker

Since there are winning chances of 50%, this also applies to the banker bet. Nevertheless, it is essential to note that betting on the banker is a subject to a 5% commission. Therefore, you have a better winning chance on the banker. But this is not a guarantee of you winning as you have to deal also with the house advantage on every single bet you make.

Avoid the Tie Bet

Live baccarat always have the lowest house advantage of two out of three bets. Therefore, it is essential to say that you should avoid the ones with the highest house advantage for you to win. Comparing the banker bet and player bet in terms of house advantage, banker bet has 1.06% while a player has 1.24%. But a tie bet has a huge house advantage of about 14%.  Therefore, it is a waste of money betting on the tie as you will practice at all times yet losing your bets.

Fund Management

You need to manage and know how to take care of your funds, as is this essential when playing online casino. Equally, live baccarat is a tight game, indicating that your chances of losing your money are at a faster rate. Therefore, it is wise for you to set your both winning and to lose limits, as this enables you to set some bets aside for other sessions. If you’re on a losing streak, give yourself some time off to facilitate your recovery and get back on the next day. Likewise, when you’re on a winning line, set limits as there is a possibility of losing it all.  Even if you would like to continue betting, consider splitting your winnings and have some cash set aside.

Manage Your Emotions

It is usually easy losing control of your emotions when playing live casinos. Therefore, if you control such feelings, you will not be carried away to go chasing after your lose. Therefore, this is essential in bankroll management. Ensure that you are sober whenever playing for you to make sound decisions during the gaming process.

Taking Up Casino Bonuses

Undeniably, if you are Baccarat enthusiasts, you must figure out best baccarat strategy to win and also take advantage of a baccarat bonus. Also, there are various lucrative casino bonuses, but you have to fully understand the terms and conditions of each bonus as outlined during signing up.


Implementation of these strategies will help improve your chances of winning at live baccarat. When you have control over your fund, you will be in a position to reduce the chances of loses. Furthermore, making good use of casino bonuses will help in improving your wining.