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The popularity of slot machines has now reached very high levels. From the first mechanical slots dating back to the 1800s to the most performing online versions of our days, slots are the best known and most loved gambling game in every corner of the world.

There are 3 types of slots: 3, 5 and 9 reel, each with their own variants. The 3-reel slots are the classic version of the slot machine game. As originally, it is a machine with 3 reels containing symbols which, activated by a crank in reality and by a button in the virtual version, return different combinations. The goal is to create a winning combination among those dictated by a pay table. The 3 reel variant is the only one existing in both versions online and mechanical; see the machines in bars or arcades.

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What is 5 reel slots?

It is precisely a type of slot online  machine with 5 reels and each with 5 numbers. It is a type of game that lends itself only to the online version; there are currently no live 5 reel slot machines. With the 5-reel slot the chances of winning are greater as you have the ability to play on more lines and, as the initial bet grows, the possible combinations also increase. All of the above makes the 5-reel game the most popular and popular type.

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The online agen slot terbaru machines on the web are many and respond to any desire for gambling of users. For those who want to play in a more complex way, the 5 reel slot will certainly be for them. Along with the number of reels, the lines present to play must also are considered, so a single slot can offer many combinations in one spin.

The high variety of online versions also satisfy the player from an aesthetic point of view, in fact, very varied styles and themes of slots are available, starting from the classic 3-reel slots for the most nostalgic with the now historical symbols of fruit rather than the number 7 or the wild card, passing through the more sophisticated 5 reels with multiple game lines to get to the more performing and fun ones where, in addition to the symbol with attention to the smallest details, it combines cutting-edge graphics and sound.3

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For fans as well as for the occasional there is the possibility of playing a different slot every time. In this regard, we always recommend choosing from authorized casinos, which are legally safe, monitored and therefore safer for the player.

What characterizes the 5 reel slots?

Gambling on the 5 reel slot machines is the most interesting of other versions; it captures the attention of the most demanding player, also because it provides a large number of bonuses and small variations that make it a very adrenaline-pumping game. It would take a long time to list the countless types of slots made by software manufacturers but, in general, we present them by saying that each has a screen large enough to make all the features available at the same time visible. 5 reels, which the player will spin simultaneously, will give multiple combinations of symbols.