Chen Formula: A Brief Look at What is It?


The Chen Formula is named after a mathematical system developed by Bill Chen to assign a factor score to different begining hands in Hold’em. The theory is that those factor values can, after that, be utilized to assist in making right preflop choices in No-Limit Hold’em.

In modern Texas Hold’em period, it’s unusual to discover a specialist player that still makes use of Chen’s solution; it’s mostly thought about a relic of poker background.

But, does the system have any advantages?

How does it even function?

How would it fare in a contemporary game?

The Chen Formula—Usage

We start by taking a look at our high card as well as appointing a points value:

  • Ace: 10 points
  • King: 8 points
  • Queen: 7 points
  • Jack: 6 points

Deuce via 10, fifty percent the value of the cards, for instance, ranking 7=3.5 points.

Of course, the strength of a hand is not defined entirely by its high card. We currently include some point modifiers based on the value of the second card in relation to the very first.

If the cards are matched, we add 2 points.

If there is a gap between our two cards, we designate a points modifier based upon the dimension of the gap.

  • Linked: Subtract 0 factors.
  • 1 gapper: Deduct 1 point.
  • 2 gapper: Subtract 2 points.
  • 3 gapper: Subtract 4 points.
  • 4 gapper+: Deduct 5 points.

In instances when both the cards are Q-high, as well as reduced, just add 1 factor for connected as well as 1-gap holdings. So, the result after the previous step would be +1 for connected Q-high, as well as reduced holdings and +0 for one-gappers Q-high, as well as lower.

The Ace is constantly taken into consideration high, so holdings such as A2 are 4gapper+ type hands as opposed to connected holdings.

At this stage, if entrusted a decimal rating, such as 7.5, we assemble to the nearest complete point. 7.5 factors would be counted as 8 factors.

The last exemption pertains to pocket pairs. Pocket sets are worth two times their designated factors worth. However, they will deserve a minimum of 5 points.

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