Freeway to earn money, without putting anything at risk


The easiest way to earn money these days is through Free Bets. Free Bets are offered by most online betting sites, where you can sign up for free and place a bet. Sometimes, the first bet can also be a free one i.e., you can place a bet without depositing any money, but this is rarest of the rare scenarios. So, Free Bets necessarily means the signup to a betting site is free. Free Bets are mostly available on betting sites on sports.

It’s all about the money

To avail free bets, First, you have to sign up or register to a booking site, this signs up is free most of the times. Then, You have to deposit an amount of money as your seed amount on a stake which is in turn based on some probability which has to be at a predetermined stake, like at 1.5 or higher and then, you’ll have to wait and see if you win the bet or not. Now, if you win the bet, you will be either contacted by the via email to follow some steps to avail the free bet amount, or you betting money will be transferred to your account directly.

There are different types of bets–

Matched free bonus

It is of 100% bonus type, i.e., if your seed deposit is $100 and you win then; you’ll get a $100 bonus.

Half bonus

It is of 50% bonus type, i.e., if your seed amount was $100 and you win then; you’ll get a $50 bonus.

High end Enhanced Bets

In this type, you will have to bet a lump of money for a greater period. For example,

You are sure Barcelona is going to win La Liga this year, so you bet via this Enhanced bet where you bet $5000 for the whole season at an odd of 90/50, so at the end of the season if Barcelona wins La Liga, you will get a $9000 bonus.

Special Bets

They are introduced by bookies on special occasions with a reduced stake and higher bonuses.

Where to bet?

Yes, it’s the 21st century, and everything is available on Internet and mobile, so it makes the free bets. There are several websites, as well as some apps that offer free bets. Bookies keep in contact with you through the Internet and emails only. So, in short, free bets are available on mobile and Internet. Bookies sometimes also provide some bonus codes which you can redeem when placing a bet and make more bonus.

Terms and Conditions and the only thing that matters

Every opportunity comes with some terms and conditions, free bets also have its terms and conditions, be it first seed deposit or viable odds, etc

Betting is a game of probability, and the thing with probability is that you never know what’s going to happen, but you try to predict it anyway. So the only risk with free betting is that the event on which you have put your money may not occur and you may not receive any bonus on your deposit and may lose it, but sometimes bookies give deposits or some special bonus to some special customer. So, the only risk is of not winning but again, not winning doesn’t necessarily mean losing. And what’s life without a little risk?