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In 2007, the state of Pennsylvania opened up the gaming industry a little in the wake of the local favorite racehorse, Smarty Jones, winning some of the top races on the U.S. calendar. The decision to allow the historic Parx Racing course to offer more than simply on-site betting but to open a casino and open up the physical gambling market was welcomed at almost every level of local society. Despite the forward-thinking nature of the gambling stance of Pennsylvania, the landscape changed again in 2012 when a domino effect of states legalizing online gambling led to the state looking at its options for the future.

In 2017, online sports betting PA fans had been calling for was finally legalized with the signature of Governor Wolf, but what does this mean for you. The rush to release websites and apps was not joined by Parx Casino, the bookmaker had already begun working with developers in 2014 as the state of Pennsylvania began looking at its options regarding online sports betting.

Although the state of Pennsylvania has legalized sports betting and casino games, the market is not completely open in the form of a free-for-all. Instead, any bookmaker or casino operator providing legal gambling services should look be fully licensed and regulated by the Pennsylvania Gaming Authority. In 2019, the release of the Parx Casino online sports betting PA app and website made this the first completely regulated option on the market. Regulation means the sports app you choose for your betting needs should be fully insured to make sure your deposits and withdrawals are safe, secure, and protected at all times. In the current age of fear over the goings-on across the INternet, we all want to know our personal information is safe and secure, which a regulated casino will do by using encrypted transmissions of information and secure firewalls to protect you at all times.

Once you know your betting site is safe and secure you want to know you are getting a wide range of sports to bet on to cover your interest at all times. You will want to make sure the markets are open for all your online sports betting PA needs, including the availability of the sports you love. No matter what kind of sports you are looking for you will find yourself enjoying the ability to place a bet on a game before it begins or a game in progress. Philadelphia is one of the world’s sporting capitals with college and pro basketball and football among the beloved sports of the city. Parx Casino is not limiting its offerings to the traditional North American sports but instead understanding you love some new and evolving sports such as MMA. You can also now bet on some sports you may only have heard of or understand a little, such as snooker, darts, and handball.

You will love the fact you can enjoy the best in betting with free cash and promo codes to give you access to more money for your deposit. When you make your initial deposit you do not need a promo code to claim a free bet on your favorite sporting event. Instead, you simply deposit as little as $10 and receive a one-time free bet of up to $250 dependent on your deposit. Other promo codes are available giving you the chance to claim free bets and match your deposits up to $500 depending on which special is being offered at any time. Checking on which offers are available at any time is made easy with the Android and iOS online sports betting PA apps from Parx Casino.

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