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When bluffing in ceme online, it is essential to know whether you can actually bluff your opponent from the hand. For example, if your opponent has the best possible hand on the Flop, he will not discard it for gold. The slightly more experienced players know more about it and will also be able to anticipate this better.

The game without bluffing

If you play against players who all call too much, it is recommended not to bluff at all. They are often bad enough not to realize that you are only doing this with value. In some situations there are spots where you actually have to bluff (because otherwise you don’t have bluffs). If your opponents find that you are only raising with value, you will have to add bluffs because they will again yield more value.

Continuation bet

A continuation bet is a bet when you as a PFA (preflop aggressor) bet on the flop. In general, you want to cbet a lot to get players to fold from their hands that missed the flop. We do this with all kinds of hands. Hands that need protection, value and pure bluffs. If you are unsure about a bet we recommend simply checking.

There are several strategies to properly play a Cash Game. It is therefore advisable to delve into the different strategies before you sit down at a cash game table. When you have mastered Cash Games, printing can start. The nice thing about playing Cash Games is that you can join or leave whenever you want.

What is a cash game?

A Cash Game is not played with certain value chips used in tournaments, but with real money. This means that your bet amount has the same value at the table. For example, if you buy for € 100, you have blind people for € 100. It is therefore always important that you do not play above your own level, because you can lose a lot of money. It is also recommended that you take a small break every two hours, in order to maintain your concentration at a high level.

At Cashgame you mainly play deep stacked. It is therefore an excellent way to improve your strategy with a lot of blinds. Usually, when playing cash games you have between 100 and 200 big blinds in front of you. It is really a profession apart from mtt’s.

In Cash game it is especially important that you do not play too many hands, this has to do with the rake. You have to win more than 50% of the hands to break even. The more marginal hands you play, the lower the number of hands you will win in percentage. As a result, the rake will overtake you and you will eventually enter the red.

Playing a cash game

When you are at a cash game table it is important to look at which player types you have at the table. Once you know what kind of players are at your table, you can start adjusting your strategy based on the strategy of your opponents. Once you have this under control along with a good basic knowledge you will be a profitable player on various stakes.