How to decide whether to become a pro poker player?


Many people love playing poker and dream of becoming a pro. What factors do you need to consider to make the switch and how much time would you need to dedicate to it?

When to become a pro

For most of us, the financial aspect is hugely important in this decision. Playing poker as a pro takes up a lot of time, so you would need to earn enough money at it to replace your current wages rather than carry on working. Are you a good enough player to do that?

Take a look at your playing history and consider the knowledge of the game that you have built up. Is it enough for you to make a living from poker? Most online players take it seriously and spend hours at the table, often playing several games simultaneously.

This doesn’t mean that you need to have some sort of in-built poker knowledge and skills. Everyone starts out needing to brush up on their skills and learn as much as they can. With so much information now online, you can find out what to do in just about any situation you find yourself in during a game.

See if there a poker version that suits you

With so many poker versions to choose from, you need to settle on one of them and try to become a real expert at it. There is no good reason to switch between Texas Hold ‘em, Omaha, and other versions.

Even moving between cash games and multi-table tournaments will stop you getting into a rhythm and could ruin your chances of making money. A lot of the time, being a pro poker player is about just getting into a groove where you pick up one small win after another. This can only work when you focus fully on a particular way of playing.

Can you dedicate the time to it?

As we have seen, poker pros need to dedicate a lot of time to playing games and hopefully racking up cash wins. Even before that, you will want to spend a lot of time learning all of the strategies and what to do in different situations.  

There is no getting away from the fact that this is a huge commitment. This is why many people decide to give up their jobs to try and turn pro. It is going to need a lot of commitment on your behalf and will be stressful at times, but if you love playing poker and are dedicated, it could turn out to be worth it.

Perhaps the best way to get started is to carry on enjoying poker games as a hobby for a while, while you learn and improve your skills. You can find versions such as Casino Stud and Casino Hold ‘em Poker in a top NJ Online Casino like Resorts. This gives you the chance to start playing in a relaxed setting and without the pressure of high stakes.

After a while, it should start to become clear whether this career is right for you just now, or whether you are best remaining a casual player for longer before turning pro.