Introduction To Advanced Roulette Techniques


If you have reached this point in the guide, it means that by now you have clear ideas about what it means to play roulette: from the physical elements of the game to the strategies, for you online and live roulette no longer have secrets! The time has come to focus on the last section dedicated to the most complex strategies: that of advanced strategies even with Free Spins.

How Advanced Strategies Work

The strategies explained in this eighth chapter of the guide are advanced strategies for several reasons:

  • They need a deep understanding of the game and its rules.
  • It involves a deep knowledge of the physical elements that make up roulette.
  • They must be applied throughout the game and taking into account all other factors that arise during the normal course of a game.
  • Great dedication and attention are needed.
  • Skills and confidence in statistical and probabilistic methods are required.

Therefore, applying advanced technology means taking several factors into account simultaneously. Listed below are the top advanced techniques – get ready to discover how many ways you can understand roulette dynamics and use the more complicated strategies to your advantage! There are no tricks or positive results, but it’s worth a try, especially considering how unpredictable the game is.

Dealer’s hand

Let’s start with one of the most famous advanced techniques: the dealer’s hand study, known in English as “dealer signature”. This theory establishes that after a certain number of hands, the dealer tends to throw the ball “repetitively”, thanks to the muscular memory and the repetitiveness of the gesture itself. Numerous scholars and enthusiasts have dedicated their time to this theory, including the mathematician Thorp: Although it appears that this phenomenon is just a coincidence, often due to visual hints, there are plenty of studies devoted to the theory from the dealer’s hand. Among the factors considered in this strategy, these are the most relevant:

  • The number of turns the ball makes before stopping at a square.
  • The number of turns the cylinder makes before the ball stops.
  • The discard boxes between the final number and where the ball bounces the first time.

It is good to note that this technique, which applies with different criteria to each dealer you are dealing with, should be adapted from time to time and studied again from scratch since even the same person during different periods of the day can launch from a different way. As for online roulette, on the other hand, it is quite complex to think that you can know the address printed on the ball by the dealer since it is completely automatic software.