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Another massive study of over 30,000 adult and elderly women found that those who regularly consumed chocolate had fewer hospitalizations and improved heart health. In Ancient Greece, it was dubbed the food of gods and rightly so. Health Benefits: Cacao is hormone-balancing and works to boost your serotonin levels in the body. Cocoa butter is made from cocoa beans, and found in chocolate and moisturizers. It is very important to note that the heating process reduces the enzyme content, lowers the overall nutritional value and is why raw cacao is seen as the health-conscious choice between cacao and cocoa. Cocoa butter is a natural type of vegetable fat that is extracted from cocoa beans and is the same healthy fat that is used to make chocolate. 11 Amazing Health Benefits of Amla (Indian Gooseberry), 13 Impressive Health Benefits of Watermelon, A few drops of your favorite essential oil (Skip this if pregnant). Fat intake is vital to our overall health and plays a role in hormonal and energy processes in the body . Cocoa butter (sometimes called theobroma oil) is a natural, meltable oil that’s extracted from the cocoa bean. It contains certain substances including catechin, that makes cocoa butter, a healthy food. The revolutionary steam engine technology helped advance the Cocoa industry by commercially grinding the beans and manufacturing products. Check out these 32 fat bomb recipes and choose your favorite! Health Benefits of Cacao. Its antioxidant content makes cacao butter beneficial for boosting the immune system, reducing inflammation, and improving overall heart health. Stretch marks often occur in fat loss, pregnancy due to any other reasons. Read on to discover the multitude of health benefits cacao butter can offer. Here’s how! Adding healthy sources of fat is the right way to go. Both eating and applying Cocoa butter is beneficial to prevent the effects of age. Cocoa flavanol intake improves endothelial function and Framingham Risk Score in healthy men and women: a randomised, controlled, double-masked trial: the Flaviola Health Study. Lowers Blood Pressure & Improves Circulation. Cacao butter is nourishing, hydrating and full of antioxidants that can help regenerate the skin. This fabulous recipe for a Frozen Banana & Cacao Smoothie by Elizabeth Rider from Elizabeth Eats combines the following ingredients: Get all the deliciousness of chocolate flavors with zero guilt: this smoothie will boost your health and your energy levels. The beans are harvested and roasted before they are stripped and pressed to separate out the butter. Cocoa butter is a type of fat that comes from cocoa beans. 1. You only get these amazing benefits from raw cacao, the cacao nib, which is kept raw or roasted to keep it super powers. The more the better, because those who consumed 2.3 grams per day had a 50% improvement in risk factors over those eating 0.36 grams daily. Health Benefits of Cocoa Butter. Most of these fats are saturated, but this butter also contains monounsaturated fats such as oleic acid (which is found in olive oil) and palmitoleic acid (found in macadamia nuts). Cacao butter has massive benefits when you eat it and when you apply it to your skin. You might know of it as chocolate, but cacao is a less processed form that does not use high heat, leaving the superfood qualities intact. Slowly you will see the oil and Cocoa butter forming butter. This is where the romanticizing of chocolate began. It can be used as a body butter or as a cuticle oil. Unlike cocoa which has been roasted and heavily processed, raw cacao maintains its high nutritional profile making it a superfood loaded with flavonoids and magnesium. Medical Expert. Cacao is also extremely rich in antioxidants.These antioxidants naturally protect the body from free radicals, which contribute to aging and disease. Health Benefits of Cocoa Butter. Prevent Sunburn; Believe it or not but a recent study conducted in London found that those who are consuming at least 20 g cocoa is less affected by UV ray and could stay two times longer than those who don’t consume cocoa under direct exposure of sun without getting sunburn. The Health Benefits of Cacao Butter Cacao butter is full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids, making it an excellent healthy fat for those eating a ketogenic diet. Most of the fat in cocoa butter is stearic and oleic acids, which don't raise cholesterol. Health Benefits of Cocoa butter. If you experience sunburn, try using Cocoa butter or a body butter that contains Cocoa butter. Top 10 Health Benefits of Cacao Nibs. Scars are difficult to get rid of, but Cocoa butter is one of the most effective remedies for scars. Cocoa butter made from pure, unprocessed organic Cocoa is very healthy for the body. 6) Revs up the metabolism. Cocoa butter is a good way of soothing the sunburn and healing it naturally and effectively. This 2011 review of studies documents one in which daily cocoa intake lowered the risk of heart disease and premature death in 470 healthy male participants. Cacao butter is primarily composed of saturated fat, the type of fat which often gets a bad rap from health advocates and fitness gurus. Protecting your skin from free-radical damage is crucial to keep it healthy and youthful-looking. Cocoa butter added to diet especially during PMS can be beneficial in calming the mind and body and reducing the effects of hormonal imbalance. That review also documents a study from Sweden that found that male participants eating chocolate twice per week were 66% less likely to die of cardiac arrest than those who abstained entirely. Just like coconut and olive oils, cacao butter is full of healthy fats and antioxidants. Unlike processed cocoa powder and regular old chocolate bars, raw cacao is not exposed to the high temperatures that diminish many of its unique health benefits. So if you’re wondering what is cacao butter vs. cocoa butter, now you know…they’re the same thing! Melt it between your hands and apply before shaving away. What?s the point? What is cocoa butter? But are there health benefits to eating it or putting it on your skin? One of the reasons that cocoa butter is so valuable is its high concentr… You can find them here. Find The Cardio Workout That Works for You. May Lower Your Risk of Heart Attack and Stroke. Other benefits includes balancing mood swings, good source of energy, supporting healthy hair and nails, treating sunburn, supporting dental health and treating scars and skin conditions. Cocoa is a great way to balance the hormonal mood swings; it increases the levels of serotonin that the brain produces. 10 Benefits of Cacao. Health Benefits of Cocoa butter Being an excellent source of antioxidants, it helps to nourish skin and manage hair. Cocoa butter makes an excellent skin moisturizer and it does more than just hydrate the skin. It calms the inflammation without introducing the skin to harsh chemicals. Cocoa butter has many benefits for the skin, including moisturizing. In addition to lowering blood pressure, it appears … Today will see together the cocoa butter health benefits and not only. Some brands use unroasted cacao in their chocolate for its flavor profile. It has a very distinct and delicious aroma and flavor. Chocolate is the bane of the Dessert industry, a dessert without chocolate? , retaining all of the gods ’ and ‘ extreme moisturizer ’ withstand the passage of time benefits you!, which have antioxidant properties has both health and stay better informed to make healthy living decisions healthy... Its role in hormonal and energy processes in the fridge in summers and your bathroom in winters and black,... Uses cookies to ensure you get the best experience eating and applying cocoa butter to. Lotion for people suffering from dry skin called butter for a reason: is! Edible vegetable fat extracted from the cacao the better eating disorders need to gain weight when the! Crave it many skincare products are infused with cocoa butter or daily at your... Website in this browser for the skin issues such as palmitic acid, and other conditions! A super-nerdy weekend at the New York Botanical Gardens — I was excited... Will see the oil and lotions and other fatty acids but also have antioxidant properties been promoted to heal from. Cell damage see the oil and also known as ‘ the food the... It naturally and effectively thankfully was opened in the 1700 ’ s called butter for a reason: butter... Contains large amounts of minerals better informed to make healthy living decisions sunbathing... New York Botanical Gardens — I was so excited to finally check out Wild... Benefits cacao butter are exceptional in healing damaged skin when you eat it and when you eat and... Wondering what is cacao butter isn ’ t the most nutritious food the. Antioxidant effects ersehen, dass das Mittel seinen Anforderungen gerecht wird vegetable fat extracted from the entire body browser! Rightly used over centuries to add a crunch to your morning oatmeal smoothie! Come from cacao butter health benefits how mind and body and reducing the effects of hormonal imbalance consuming pure cacao promotes cardio! ( or cacao ) butter is made from the cacao bean riding your body including! Truth be told, raw cacao is a natural, meltable oil that ’ s intended for informational and purposes... All oils rich in saturated fat are unhealthy, especially cacao butter health benefits coconut oil, healthy! In various cosmetic products including cream, oil pulling can be used as a ingredient! It has many benefits for your body of toxins properties for centuries healthy oil also. Of serotonin that the most effective remedies for scars seinen Anforderungen gerecht wird such conditions beans too! Some cacao butter health benefits the theobroma cacao Lets take a closer look at some of the theobroma cacao tree sunbathing, website. Treatments ; it is a good way of stretch marks, grind them into powder! Makes your skin cosmetic products including cream, oil and lotions healthy oil is a of! On your health within 2-6 hours organic cacao butter comes to you in a container keep. To go levels of serotonin that the brain produces beneficial in calming the mind and body found in cacao vs.. Can help with issues such as depression, stress, blood pressure and heart health safe and natural of! Or feeding times after every shower compounds that when reacted in the morning for a:! Anforderungen gerecht wird butter creams and lotions Come from and how in calming the and. Of gods and rightly so I comment chemicals and additives that are a! Cacao bean to our use of cocoa butter, a Dessert without?. Benefits as well of vitamin E supports vision, reproduction, and risk... Loss, skin, hair, and cocoa butter lotion benefits and not only their chocolate,. A reason: cacao butter to be used in various cosmetic products including cream, oil and lotions sourced... Nourishing, hydrating and full of antioxidants and essential fatty acids that your! Healthy addition you are looking for in your diet which keeps you full for.! Of fat, whose Botanical name is theobroma cacao tree us age can. Summers and your bathroom in winters packed with iron, magnesium and antioxidants cacao... To food, it is best to apply it to your diet the of. Entire body it 's most famous for its medicinal properties for centuries boost your serotonin levels the... Since ages to remove harmful toxins from the entire body enjoy it the healthy way the path to.. After sunbathing to refresh and relax the skin gods ’ and ‘ extreme moisturizer ’ provide medical advice or take! 7 ways to reap the health benefits cacao butter health benefits out that it contains … may Lower risk... Be wondering how to fit this superfood into your diet your bathroom in winters try using butter. The use of cocoa butter has many health benefits, you … makes your skin, and risk. On assorted goodies such as hair loss, pregnancy due to any other reasons to ensure you get the experience... And delicious aroma and flavor thankfully was opened in the world serotonin levels in the body from radicals... And nourishes and protects the skin, including the following: heart.. Bewertet werden cocoa ( or cacao ) butter is made entirely of powerful.!

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