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And yet, even Viktor couldn't plan for what happened next: Lucian and Sonja fell in love. It didn't go well for the vampires, who, except for Kraven, all died in the attack. Selene punches into his stomach, plants a silver grenade, and pulls her fist back out to let his regeneration seal the explosive inside. In the sixth century, Alexander's wife gave birth to three sons. After the murder, Viktor left Lucian to wallow in his misery. Meanwhile, Selene has her hands full fighting a powerful Marcus but manages to overcome him. When he finds a terrified Selene hiding in a barn, he takes pity on her, takes her in, turns her into a vampire, and blames her family's death on the Lycans. The other two "sleep" in their coffins, basically waiting in suspended animation until it's their turn to rule. However, as a result of their infections, none of these early werewolves could ever transform back into human beings. The Vampire-Werewolf war lasted for centuries. Find out. So, they made a deal: Marcus turned Viktor and his followers into vampires, making them immortal — sort of like a whole bunch of really intense vampire facials for Viktor and all his pals. In drinking some of his blood, Selene gains a vast amount of knowledge. He was as good as dead. Using Lucian's blood, Viktor created an entire army of Lycan slaves to guard the vampires' stronghold from werewolf attacks during daylight hours, when the bloodsuckers weren't able to defend themselves. The violent engagement reveals Eve to be a hybrid — as well as Michael and Selene's daughter. Through the mayhem, Kraven slinks over to Lucian and brings their alliance to an end by shooting him in the back. Viktor caught on just in time. In the end, it just didn't feel like Underworld. As the war raged on, Viktor made moves to consolidate his power. Kate Beckinsale and Scott Speedman reprise their roles of Selene and Michael. Instead, he transformed Selene into a vampire, then lied to her, telling her that Lycans had killed her family. Marcus ambushes the meeting and kills Alexander, claiming "a god has no father." As far as what happens next? You also can't be a vampire and a werewolf at the same time. You know how it goes. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. Victor gave the other key to Sonja for safekeeping. In 1990, a pureblood vampire named David (Theo James) is born to Thomas and the elder Amelia. Even as they learned to change their form at will, Lucian and the other Lycans protected Viktor and his followers. By Marian Phillips May 07, 2020 In 2003, Len Wiseman released the first installment of the action horror film franchise, Underworld and presented a unique mythos for vampires and lycans (werewolves). Despite Marcus' best efforts, William couldn't be controlled. While riding in the mountains, William was bitten by a wolf, which interacted with the virus in his bloodstream and gave him special powers, essentially transforming him into the first werewolf. Underworld: Awakening begins 12 years after Selene is put to sleep. But the ruse worked. He also enlisted the help of a human architect to build a new prison for William — and then killed the architect's entire family when the building was complete in order to preserve its secrets. Events of Underworldoccur in October. ... Underworld Wiki is a FANDOM Movies Community. Unfortunately, they couldn't keep Viktor in the dark forever. You don't need to be a daywalker like Blade to understand it all. For one thing, he teamed up with the now-exiled Andreas Tanis to develop deadly "ultraviolet bullets" that could drop vampires with a single shot. Us Movie Explained: The Tethered, Hands Across America, Jeremiah 11:11, Rabbits, and Fan Theories. 2. But Underworld's vamps have a variety of powers and abilities that you won't find anywhere else. When he learns of Viktor's death, he sets out to liberate his brother, William, using a key that is now in Selene's possession. The basics are the same — these are still immortal beings who feed on blood. The Mythology In The Underworld Movies Explained | Netflix. Lucian didn't waste his time in hiding. At some point in the intervening years, Marcus, Viktor, and Amelia — together known as the three Vampire Elders — established the Chain, or a system that splits power equally between the trio. Against the backdrop of an unseen centuries-old war between the sophisticated Vampire clan and the brutish clan of lycanthropes, the Lycans, the lethally alluring vampire assassin and member of the elite "Death … Nathanielis killed by Raze. While the newly empowered Michael possesses strengths from both species, he's no match for Viktor in battle. The first film, Underworld, was released in 2003; it introduces Selene, an elite vampire-warrior who defies her orders, and Michael Corvin (Scott Speedman), a human who gets caught up in the war. Before long, Alexander contracted the disease, too. In … The patriarch of the Corvinus clan, Corvinus was able to survive a devastating plague that wiped out most of his village thanks to a genetic quirk. Thankfully, Underworld's lore isn't quite as dense as it all seems. While his village was wiped out by the plague, Alexander passed his immortality on to his sons, the twin brothers William and Marcus, and an unnamed third child. Len Wiseman's 2003 horror action film Underworld features vampires and lycans with a deeply complex mythological background; here it is explained. Underworld’s Full Movie Timeline Explained. Upon learning of Kraven's deceit, Selene awakens Viktor a full century ahead of schedule in an attempt to halt an incoming Lycan onslaught. Selene and Michael set out to meet Alexander Corvinus, who has been quietly covering up the existence of vampires and Lycans. The plume of gore that erupts signifies the success of their mission. Kate Beckinsale has displayed little interest in reprising her role. Underworld: Evolution doesn't hold back the carnage as the immortal species clash. His path is set through events of the first film, although we don't meet him until Underworld: Awakening. Underworld (2003) 3. In the mayhem, David is fatally wounded and Selene is knocked unconscious. The lineage of all vampires and werewolves can be traced back to Alexander Corvinus (played by Derek Jacobi), a Hungarian nobleman born at an unspecified point in the fifth century. Meanwhile, Sonja became pregnant with Lucian's baby, and the pair made plans to escape together. And if William perished, the werewolves would be finished, too. In fact, it was Kraven, not Selene, who officially ended the Vampire-Lycan War, although his victory wasn't quite what it seemed. Shortly after their takedown of Antigen labs, Selene sends her daughter into hiding in parts unknown, refusing to know where Eve is headed in order to thwart any potential attempts to get the information out of her. The architect had a daughter, named Selene, who reminded Viktor so much of Sonja that the vampire couldn't bring himself to murder her. By. By this point, Viktor has been capturing the werewolves and using them as protection during the daylight hours for years. Back in the early fifth century, Alexander Corvinus was just your regular, run-of-the-mill Hungarian warlord. Marcus decided to raise an army and take the fight to William himself, beginning the vampire versus werewolf war. Well, you'll just have to watch Underworld and see. In the Underworld universe, Vampires and Lycans are not malevolent supernatural creatures, but rather the product of a virus; unlike Vampires of other more 'traditional' works, Underworld Vampires are not supernatural in origin. Sonja is put on trial for her "crimes against the species" and found guilty. With a couple of rare exceptions, werewolf bites are fatal to most vampires, and vice versa. With the help of a sympathetic detective named Sebastian, Selene raids the Antigen lab, seeking to save her daughter and stop the creation of more Super-Lycans. The third movie is a prequel to the first two movies (kinda like how they did star wars series... part 4,5,6 then 1,2,3) The prequel has nothing to do with Kate Beckingsale (Only the ending to tie it in to the original underworld movie. Other effects are unknown. With the assistance of a vampire named David (Theo James), the two barely escape while fending off a pack of Lycans. This time around, the beasts are accompanied by an abnormal Lycan, larger than the others, with an immunity to silver and accelerated healing — dubbed the Super-Lycan. A short while later, a fully healed David joins the fray and helps put an end to the experiments at Antigen. Of course, while Marcus and Amelia were asleep, Viktor found that the Chain had other benefits, too: mainly, that without the other Elders around to interfere, Viktor could solidify his power. Rigel is killed by Trix. Viktor didn't want to die. Throughout the events leading up to this point, a vampire named Tanis has been present at council meetings as the notary. Thanks to a bizarre genetic mutation, Alexander didn't just survive the disease. Lucian stole Sonja's pendant — which was actually one of the two keys to William's prison — and rallied his forces. Kraven received all of the credit for ending the war, while Lucian and many of his fellow Lycans went into hiding, waiting for the perfect time to strike. He domesticated captive werewolves and used them as slaves, and ensured that the Death Dealers remained loyal to him — and only him. As Viktor's lies began to stack up, Tanis started to have a change of heart and began revealing the truth. Viktor displays his battle prowess and overwhelms Michael, but in the final moments Selene grabs his sword and decapitates the elder. David takes them to his coven to heal, only to have the group fall prey to another Lycan attack. Secretly, Kraven and Lucian were working together. The steps taken to push back against the growing horde included the recruitment of Viktor (Bill Nighy), who we meet as our primary antagonist in the first film. But that was his biggest mistake: It turns out that the moon that night was full, giving Lucian the strength he needed to burst out of his chains. What Kate Beckinsale Did After Underworld Quickly, everything fell apart. Underworld: Evolution steps in right where the story left off, centering on Selene and Michael as they attempt to escape the never-ending war. Yes, he took the form of a bloodthirsty beast who could rip regular human beings apart with ease. After returning to the Eastern Coven, David and Selene face off against their evil counterparts. Until this point, the three vampire elders have been extending their reign through the centuries by alternating hibernations — two asleep, one awake. By using our Services, you agree to our use of cookies. These ain't your typical movie Draculas, nor are they your living vampires like Morbius from the funnybooks. While William's defeat didn't end the werewolf threat, Viktor's rivals had been dealt a significant blow by his capture. Even worse? Or, to put it another way: If you're in the mood for a political fantasy thriller like Game of Thrones, except starring classic movie monsters and with production design taken straight out of Hot Topic, you're in the right place. Then Marius showed her the last vial of Michael's blood and told her it was the last (it was, according to the nearly empty briefcase ealier in the movie, when he took the next to last vial). Michael displays an incredible amount of raw strength and rips William's skull in half. The stage is set for the first Underworld movie over a period of centuries, while the Lycans are living underground and being hunted by the vampires' deathdealers. Before we get too far, it's worth noting that Underworld's versions of vampires aren't exactly like the ones you normally find in books, movies, and TV shows. 7. Blood Wars holds true to its name when Semira betrays Selene and begins harvesting her blood. (edited by Psi-ragnarok) 0. Selene and Michael are captured and put into cryogenic sleep to be studied by a company named Antigen. To date, the Underworld movies have grossed $540 million at the global box office, peaking with 2012's Awakening, which made $160 million. Story recap for UNDERWORLD, summarising every important plot point, spoiler, and story element with vampires, werewolves and Kate Beckinsale. The genetic anomaly was aptly named The Corvinus Strain. Before he went to sleep, Marcus told Viktor that killing one of the original immortals would rob all their descendants of their powers. Their son, William, was bitten by a rabid wolf and the strain mutated him into the first werewolf; William's twin, Marcus, was bitten by a rabid bat, which mutated him into the first vampire.

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