Learning to play poker: why practice with play money?


Recognized as a worldwide sport in 2010, link idn poker has attracted more fans in recent years and has become one of the most profitable sports. It is not by chance that the market gains new segments and offers several alternatives to attract beginners – this is the case with play money poker. Since betting money on a game for the first time can be a frustrating experience, since the chances of you losing value are high, this mode is a great way to practice poker and prepare. In today’s post, we’ve put together everything you need to know about play money poker, from the benefits of the game to how it can help you gain more experience.

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How do play money poker tables work?

There is a myth in the poker world that in order to play, it is mandatory to place real money bets. However, play money tables are a reality and always bring together several players. At these tables, all new players receive a certain amount of chips from the poker room. As you win, they accumulate in your play money account and can be used to move up in limits and play against more experienced players. This increases your experience. If you are unlucky and lose all your chips, you can rest assured: the poker rooms will give you new ones for free to rebuild your bankroll.

What are the advantages?

Since play money tables are similar to real money tables in all aspects, this mode is ideal for beginning players who want to practice before risking large sums. In addition, play money tables can be found in a wide variety of games, as they are not exclusive to a single poker game. If you feel you have learned Omaha well, you can also play Texas Hold’em with play money and increase your range of poker knowledge.

Best Real Money Online Poker Sites in 2021 | PokerListings

How can play money help prepare new players?

Nowadays, beginning players can find on the internet several study materials aimed at improving the game, such as strategy books and articles on poker. However, nothing can be compared to the skill acquired in practice. Play money poker can help you learn about hand ranking, get used to the progress of the game, and try new strategies and different tactics. Thus, we can say that this modality is one of the best ways to practice, gain familiarity with the game and know its basic rules, besides providing the perfect environment to try new ways to play and escape the risks.

Playing play money for real money is a very effective way to prepare for real games without having to deal with the frustration and financial loss that usually arises in this learning period. And don’t forget that it is essential to play seriously, as this is the first step to becoming a professional.

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