Online Casino Games That is Entertainments to you


All games offered on our site are designed according to laws and regulations relating to secure online gaming. Gaming is a fun and positive experience that aims at entertainment. For most players it poses no risk. We are however aware that, for some of the millions of active online users, gambling can, in the extreme case, become an addiction.

It is therefore important that players adopt correct gaming habits. We want to promote legal and responsible gaming by following a policy that aims to offer fun and entertainment without excess.

Tips to ensure that the game remains a pleasure

  • A responsible player tries to keep the game under control at all times. Here are some tips to help your game be aware and responsible.
  • The game is meant to be fun, it is not a way to make money.
  • Set yourself playing limits and try not to exceed them for any reason.
  • Commit only the amount of money that you have established before you start playing.
  • Take breaks during the game, because the desire to win can fool you into foreseeing the progress of the game.
  • End your game when the time limit you initially set ends.

Don’t play money you can’t afford to lose

When you decide to stop gambling, or to gamble less, commit to sticking to that intention. When you lose, don’t keep playing to repair. Continuing to play to win any lost money implies the risk of losing more. Tactics are useless, you cannot predict the results. Remember that gambling can never be a solution to any problems or concerns you may have.

  • Never borrow money to play.
  • Don’t lie to your family and friends about the money you’ve lost or the time you spend playing the game.
  • If you think you are gambling often and spending too much, ask for help.
  • Don’t play when you feel depressed, lonely, bored, tense, or anxious.

Protection of minors

Did you know that it is forbidden for minors under 18 to participate in cash games?

To ensure the protection of minors, our site accepts registration to the game only by people who have reached the age of 18. We carry out appropriate checks on the consistency of the personal data indicated during the registration phase, also by verifying the copy of the identity document and the signature on the contract. For kiss918 download apk games this is important.

It is also important to be able to count on the collaboration of adults who are in contact with minors. We suggest some precautionary attitudes to them:

  • Safeguard the confidentiality of access data (username and password) to your gaming account
  • Avoid leaving your computer unattended when connected to our site
  • Do not use automatic password saving options that could allow immediate and unverified connection to our site
  • Create ad hoc profiles for the use of the computer by minors, possibly integrating a protection software that allows you to block access to certain sites

Avoid disclosing the details of credit cards, bank accounts or other payment methods to minors.