Pennsylvania Blackjack Is Just One Option For Enjoying Casino Games


Perhaps the simplest and most accessible casino game for beginners, Pennsylvania blackjack games are now available and completely legal through a regulated physical and online casino. The game has always been a favorite of players because of the simple rules and ease with which a bet can be placed and the game enjoyed in a short period of time. Much like roulette, where the rules are simple, you can delve a little deeper to discover a game that is more intricate than you could imagine.

The basics of blackjack

How do we play blackjack online or in the physical Parx Casino? The first thing to do when you arrive at a Pennsylvania blackjack table is to place a bet before you can begin to play. You have the chance to choose how much you wish to bet when you join an online game whether it is a live dealer version of a video blackjack-style game. You will then be dealt your cards which you can hit, stand, or double down with as you wait for the dealer to reveal their cards. The aim of Pennsylvania blackjack is to obtain a higher score than the dealer with your cards adding up to more than 21.

Are Pennsylvania blackjack games legal?

Let’s get into the legalities of online blackjack games. The main concern for most states, players, and casino operators has traditionally been The Wire Act of 1971. This piece of Federal legislation made it illegal to place bets via telephone but makes no mention of online betting as this Act was developed prior to the widespread use of the Internet.

Ironically, the first Internet gambling site was focused on poker and developed by a U.S. citizen before it was closed down with ita legality questions. Sports betting and online casinos have already taken hold of the imagination of many around the world with the U.S. Congress chose to enact a new bill known as the Unlawful Internet Gambling Enforcement Act in 2006. Despite this attempt to keep Internet gambling out of the U.S., Pennsylvania became the fourth U.S. state to legalize Internet gaming with PayPal, Visa, and Mastercard all choosing to honor payments made as deposits and withdrawals to and from Internet casinos.

Make sure you are playing for real money

You have probably wondered what the difference is between the different types of blackjack games you can play online are. The simple answer is there are some no download games that offer you the chance to win a hand of Pennsylvania blackjack and withdraw your winnings with ease. Other sites have downloadable games that do not offer you the chance to withdraw your winnings when you are done playing for a session.

Parx Casino offers no download blackjack and roulette for you to enjoy because they understand how important these games are to you. No download roulette played online gives you the chance to place a series of bets on the spin of the wheel including straight bets on which number will win. Other options include betting on which color the ball will come to rest on or you can bet on a series of up to 12 numbers you believe will win the spin of the wheel.