Player satisfaction: Driving force for online poker


The satisfaction of customers and customer delight are the driving forces for any business firm. The strategies of marketing management depend upon the principles of making the customer happy, keeping him happy and pledging to keep him happy in the future to come, plainly because he is the end towards which all services are targeted. Without customers, no market can ever exist, nor could the business transactions can take place.

Definition of the term marketplace speaks volumes about the importance and value of the customer section, which is as: “A market is a place where buyers and sellers interact with each other to facilitate the exchange of goods and services.” Both parties tend to maximize their share of profit in any way that seems apt to them, but the end desire is the gain of money. Hence, falling out of line for any of the parties involved would lead to spiraling up of tensions, which would surely conclude into disrupting the market.

Why people get addicted to poker?

The poker market resembles something very similar. The online marketplace for poker games like Joisini is an exact replicate of what a traditional offline would do. There are two parties involved: the buyers and the sellers. Both of these would want to earn profits after undertaking risks associated with the facility. Poker games, actually are a source of risk generation, wherein the players are seen placing bets willingly over a particular round of the game.

The calculative risk assessment deserves to be called as a special determiner in declaring the winner of the round. It is due to the mathematical reasoning behind the gameplay that decides the odds of the game for any player in particular. Those who are well versed with the concepts of probability, permutations, and combinations might find it interesting to continue placing bets because they are already winning the rounds of the game. Besides the mathematical principles, there is always a scope for techniques and tactics learned so hard after years of gaming and gaining experience.

Player satisfaction emerges from all these factors that the portals are trying to keep up with the competition in the market and end up offering such attractive discount schemes that no player could ever refuse to have. Less registration fee and multiplication of bonus by a certain percentage every now and then could keep every gamer in the loop. After all, it is always the player versus player, and higher the level of risk being undertaken higher is the profit aspects. This is ample and enough to keep the game going for a punter, but for those who are concerned with their earnings, they can rely upon the safe and technically sound systems of money wallets introduced by the poker portals.


With all ends covered up, all a player has to focus upon is his gaming experience, his gameplay techniques, and surely last, but not the least winning balance. With such an all rounding scheme on the offering, it seems hard for some punter to ignore the action.