PokerStars left the Asian marketplace without any notice as result causing a lot of damage to the rights of Asian players 6 UP. Com


Just a few days before, PokerStars amalgamated with Flutter Entertainment which is a well-known British gaming giant. However, without any kind of prior notice, the world’s biggest and famous online poker site named PokerStars drew itself from the Asian market and overlooked the Asian version of players.

PokerStars is considered the major online poker platform across the world and also has a huge part in Asia, mainly in China. Asian PokerStars also has a private partner of Asian known as 6UP. On September 01, 2020, PokerStars declared its withdrawal from the Asian market without any kind of prior notice to 6UP.

In Asia, right from the year 2019, PokerStars which is considered as the Stars Group’s subsidiaries signed an agreement for the partnership in Asia with 6UP. Later, they also successfully launched an official online poker platform which gained immense popularity.

6UP and PokerStars also conducted several hard discussions after getting the removal notice but unfortunately, all the communication was of no use and later ended in gridlock.

After some time, PokerStars contended to close the Asian market irrespective of the welfares. It also did not bother about the benefits of Asian customers while closing.

However, when it comes to the guidelines and protocols of the poker industry there is a set norm for the poker industry. It is clearly stated that if any party wishes to dismiss the agreement between the time of the agreement period then it is important to inform the other party in writing beforehand strictly.

According to the rules and regulations, once both parties have signed the termination contract then only the agreement can be closed or ended.

However, it is noticed that PokerStars was tremendously quick in taking the action about the agreement and several people also say that PokerStars misused 6UP which is the only partner in the world.

The quick and reckless pronouncement of PokerStars was not right absolutely and even lost the belief among Asian Players. But as per some of the dependable sources, it is revealed that soon 6UP is going to sanction legal action against the PokerStars’ parent company known as Flutter Entertainment.

The action will further help in demonstrating that all the terms as well as contracts stated are completely reasonable and also pursue recompense for the loss of revenues and kindness. Apart from this, the legal action will also help all the Asian players to stand up for their rights successfully.

There was a time when Chinese Players in their hearts had a testimony of the strength and said that we remorse the removal of PokerStars. They also found several national masters on PokerStars who helped them in creating wonder. In any way, such kind of removal will definitely cause damage to poker lovers.

But you don’t need to worry because 6UP is involved with its team to bring out some positive results from this commercial clash. The party who will interrupt with the rights of customers or play with the interests of partners need to face strict legal penalties. As a result, their status is going to be dented even in the future.