Read This Before Gambling with Icbc Thai!


When one thinks of casinos, the first place that comes in mind is Bangkok. Bangkok, the capital city of Thailand, is the ultimate destination spot in Thailand. It is the hub of many casinos and also one of the main tourist places in the country. Many Hollywood movies, based on casinos and gambling, are filmed in the city of Bangkok.

But there is one thing that many people who aren’t the citizens of Thailand, that gambling is illegal in Thailand. Yes! It must have come as a shock if you didn’t know about it because Bangkok and casinos are spoken side by side. The law against gambling is strict in the country, but still, underground casino icbc Thai is prevalent.

What are the laws against gambling?

Well, the policy against gambling is strict in Thailand. There are severe punishments for those who gamble in these underground casinos, but still, people don’t fail to gamble in them, and thus even after being strictly prohibited, casino Thailand is a growing market. According to the laws against gambling, two lists ban gambling of any form.

  • List A: According to List A, all sort of animal fight, that causes animal brutality, or any blood shedding sport is strictly prohibited. Anyone caught gambling in this field can be jailed for three years or more or can be charged up to THB 5000 or both.
  • List B: According to List B, all types of gambling other than the ones specified in list A are considered illegal, which includes games like bingo, sports betting, etc.

How does gambling works, even after being banned?

Even after making so many policies against gambling, the Thai Government is still not able to eradicate casinos from Thailand. As mentioned earlier, casinos and gambling are a total underground market. Not even this, with modern times, people now have started playing online. And the problem with playing online is that since it is not based in Thailand, the government there cannot stop it. Also, icbc Thaionline is not advisable because these online sites are not at all genuine. They cheat and do not play fairly, so that is why if you are trying to gamble online, you are most likely to lose more than your win.


So, this article concludes that you should not gamble when visiting the country as it can result in you going to jail or getting your visa canceled.