The Rise Of Online Poker


Games have always been a great pastime since time immemorial. After a long day at work, most people normally go home, put on some music, and engage in a game or two with friends or family. Poker is a staple for many people, with game nights being organized across many homes in the country. However, as technology has developed, more and more people are playing this game online. In this article, we shall look at the reasons why online poker has become so popular.

1.    Everyone has a smartphone

Long gone are the days where a mobile phone was only privy to the rich. As technology continues to develop, so are cheaper mobile devices available for purchase.  With the internet being so affordable and accessible, the smartphone has become a must-have for many people. Whether you are on Android, iOS, or any other platform, there are very many free poker game apps available for download.

2.    Anyone can play

A few years back, poker games were an exclusive affair. For you to participate in a poker game, specifically where large sums of money are involved, you had to belong to a very elite club. This does not mean that invite only games do not exist, but now they are also available online. So long as you have the gaming up on your phone, you can log in and enjoy the thrill of playing. 

3.    You can play anytime anywhere

Online poker games are available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. All you need is a reliable internet connection and the gaming app installed on your phone. The need to commute to a physical location is no longer an obstacle allowing you to participate wherever you are in the world. Another draw of online poker is that you need not wait to play. There are so many online poker games available such that you can spend every minute of your time indulging in a game.

4.    Unlimited earnings

Online poker allows you to play multiple games at a time. You can log into different versions of the games across different devices, increasing your chances of winning immensely. Online poker also presents you with the opportunity of acquiring many bonuses for your participation. The longer you play at a particular online casino, the more bonuses you accrue. These are offered either as cash backs, referral payouts, daily login bonuses, among many others.

5.    It is free

Unlike live casinos, playing online poker costs nothing. Most free poker game apps have introductory offers that require no buy-in from players. These offers are designed to lure you in and have you playing in their virtual casinos for longer. If you are a beginner, you can polish up on your skills without risking any of your hard earned cash. 

Online poker is here to stay, and it is about time that we all embrace it. Whether you are a beginner or hardened professional, there is always a game for you.