Unknown facts about poker


Today, poker is one of the most played card games on physical and online platforms both. It is not your usual game of luck and needs the skill to win. The debate on that is always on but it is a blend of both these factors.

A lot of people know how to play poker and surely are good players, but there are only a few who know these crazy facts about the 200-year-old game in question.

New Orleans gave us Poker

The game that has been popularized by platforms like Judi Pakai Pulsa is something that was created accidentally years ago. During those times, the game was called Hold em’ in Texas but the first hand of Poker was dealt in New Orleans. America, is known as the birthplace of the game, is a sure fact but tracing the exact location hasn’t been possible. Research shows that the possibility is high for Louisiana.

The longest game of Poker

How long do you think that a game of poker would last? One day? Two days? Or more? It is a shock to know that the game lasted for eight years and six months. The record is held by the Birdcage theatre for this, where known personalities once played a game of poker for such a long period. Till now, this has been recorded as the longest game of Poker Online.

The age-old game 

Poker even though originated and became known after being played in America, but various forms of the card game have been popular for thousands of years before that time. The simple game of cards and dominos has now evolved into what we know as Poker. Bluffing was an integral part of that as well like it is of a Poker game. Emperors of China have been known to play the game with their queens.

New poker chips

Today, Poker is played with chips in physical casinos and on online casinos like Judi Pakai Pulsa as well. Although, these chips haven’t been a part of the game since the beginning. Players used to bet gold nuggets and gold dust etc. in games and then play for them. To standardize the game and its units, chips were introduced in the picture with various types of designs on them. These designs depicted the value the chips held.

First Poker game on TV

As popular as the game has become with time, it is also common for a game of poker or tournament to be shown on television in today’s times. This was not the case a few decades back, and the first game of poker to be shown on television was in 1973. It was part of a tournament happening in Las Vegas. The entire world enjoyed the game and Poker slowly gained its popularity, which is present today as well, more than ever.