What is the future of online gaming with Live Casinos?


Live dealer games have progressed so much since their modest beginnings in the corner of a Dublin casino that it is hard to believe they have only been in the market for a decade.

In addition to more than 400 online casino games, some bets offer lots of live casino games to play for real money, including baccarat, roulette, or blackjack.

How Live Casino works

Basically, live dealer games make you feel like you’re in a real 우리카지노 . With a good Internet connection and a reasonable graphics card, players can deal with human croupiers located thousands of kilometers away.

Who leads the game is a human dealer through specialized cards that are scanned as soon as they leave the pile.

In Live Roulette, a real roulette with a real ball is used. The player places his bets, as usual, dragging and placing the virtual chips in the relevant areas of the table. Then the dealer controls the betting process on his monitor and gives the signal with a microphone. The computer takes care of the rest.

Benefits of Live Casino games

The good thing about live casino games is that you no longer have to make an appearance in a real casino. A graphics card and a live connection are all you need to play roulette and blackjack as if you were in Las Vegas.

In some versions, as with Betway Casino Immersive Roulette, you can also choose between several camera angles. Depending on the number of tables available, you can even choose your own dealer, based on everyone meeting the standards of any professional.

The best next advances

 Custom Live Croupier

For operators, it is important that the gaming experience be as personalized as possible. The main pages of the casinos can now be filtered so that they only show the favorite games on the screen, for example, but the promoters are starting to look for ways to also customize the slots.

FPG or First-Person Game

Evolution Gaming unveiled its First Person Gaming (FPG) system at the ICE 2018 exhibition.

Starting with a 3D immersive roulette game, the player can choose to switch to “Go live” mode and continue playing at a table with a live dealer. This is the first step towards traditional online casino games with RNG (random number generator) for the leading live casino promoters in the sector.